Aircraft Sales

When selling business jets, we are your reliable and independent partner with long-term expertise.

We are experts for Learjet, Hawker, Citation, Challenger and Falcon. In addition to this in-depth product know-how, we offer first-class knowledge of the major American market, as well as, a close-knit network of worldwide partners and extensive electronic resources.

  • Evaluation of the specific market
  • Procurement of information regarding the Aircraft specifications
  • Preparation of the Aircraft presentation incl. high quality photo coverage
  • Evaluation and qualification of incoming purchase offers
  • Worldwide aircraft marketing and advertisement
  • Coordination and guidance of visual and pre-purchase inspection
  • Negotiation of the aircraft sales & purchase agreement (incl. escrow process)
  • Management of the de-registration process with the CAA
  • Management of the closing process

We support you with the excellent technical expertise of our Service Center and make sure that your interests are protected.